DAPHNE Club Dancing Party

It is held every September. In the past it used to be held outside the Club’s building, but in the past years the party has been held at the AKROPOLIS events’ hall in the village of Kellia.

Organised by: DAPHNE Troullon Club

Souroucles Athletic Club Dancing Party

The party is held at the village square every July.

Organised by: National Athletic Club Souroucles Troullon

Presentation of Awards to the Community’s Excellent Students

Every January the excellent students of the Gymnasium – Lyceum and all students who manage to obtain a place in tertiary education institutions, as well as the athletes who exceled in their sports and have honoured our community, are presented with awards at the Community Council’s offices.

Organised by: Community Council

Traditional Games

On every Monday of Easter a traditional community event takes place at the square of the village and it includes grilled meat, entertainment, traditional dances and games.

Organised by: Community Council

Artistic Event

The event is held at the square of the village after the Vespers, on the eve of Agios Mamas’ name day, protector Saint of the Community.

Organised by: Community Council