The projects which have been completed:

  • Flood-protection works
  • Community Council’s Events Hall
  • South Stream: irrigational scheme for the irrigation of stock-breeding units.
  • Expansion of the Cemetery.
  • Maintenance of the old cemetery and construction of fencing walls.
  • Construction of a kiosk in the Community Park.
  • Replacement of all old toys in both parks of the Community.
  • Installation of street lighting bulbs for the illumination of the road leading to Avdellero (Andrea Michael), the road leading to the church of Panagia Rodon Amaranto and the road leading to the Cemetery.
  • Creation of a new road map of the Community.
  • Placement of new street name signs.
  • Improvement of the roads within the Community.
Under Construction

Projects Under Construction:

  • Construction of a new Primary School
  • Construction of a new Kindergarten
  • Separation of building plots to be allocated to poor families
  • Community Stadium: placement of plastic synthetic turf.

Scheduled Projects:

  • Fallen and Missing Persons’ Monument
  • Planning for the beautification and reformation of the Central Square.
  • Construction of a monument at the location where hero Andreas Souroucles sacrificed his life.
  • Creation of a fallen and missing persons’ park.