Mineral Wealth (terra umbra)

Apart from the copper and gold deposits in the hills and the land of the village there are also various rocks such as clay and terra umbra. Terra umbra can be found in the area of the village in three colours, namely black, yellow and red. To process these rocks a factory was built south of the village where they are turned into powder which is then exported for further process. This powder is used for the making of various types of paint. The terra umbra factory today employs ten residents of the community.


This text has been prepared by the Community Council.

“Kokkini” Wetland

“Kokkini” wetland (“Kotsini Petra” Lake) is located south of the Community, near the road leading to Larnaka.

At the old terra umbra quarry a large cavity has been formed due to the excavations and this cavity is now full of water, thus forming a beautiful lake which has become the seasonal habitat of various types of birds.

In the old years live-stock breeders used to take their flocks and bathe them in the lake. However, one day back in 1956 two young shepherds, who did not know how to swim, also jumped into the water and drowned, causing grief to entire village.


Community Council

Red Lake

The lake was created after the extraction of terra umbra soil which is located in the terra umbra quarry.

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Source: Community Council