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The people of the village have always expressed great love and zeal towards education. The first Primary School of the community operated in a building which was constructed for this purpose at the square of the church of Agios Mamas. This building no longer stands today.

Later on there was need for a larger school. Therefore, in 1939 a new school was built on land donated by the church. It is a building with three stony and spacious classrooms with a Greek character and an office. After some time, three more classrooms had to be built as a result of population increase in the community.

During the school year 2009-2010, the Primary School had 114 pupils attending it and 14 teachers, some of which teaching part-time. During the afternoon hours an Optional All-Day school is in operation.

For some years the same premises were also shared by the State Kindergarten, which began its operation in the school year 1979-1980. As of 1992, the State Kindergarten has been housed in a new building which was constructed for this purpose next to the Primary School.

Over the years, developments in education have brought about the need for a larger number of modern classrooms. Hence, every effort is being made for the construction of a modern building near the existing school building. It is expected that the entire project will begin shortly so that it will cover all the educational and sports needs of the community.

As far as Secondary Education is concerned, the students of the village attend the Regional Gymnasium and Lyceum of Leivadia.

Several Lyceum graduates continue their studies in Universities both in Cyprus and abroad, mainly in Greece. Today, a lot of community residents, as well as expatriates living in Cyprus, hold a University degree and high profile positions in the public and private sector. Many of them have actually excelled overseas as well.


This text has been prepared by the Community Council.