Troulloi during the liberating fight of 1955-1959 

The contribution of the Community of Troulloi during that unique fight was quite significant. Almost all young men of the village joined EOKA, PEKA and ANE and fought for the freedom of Cyprus. Several of them were arrested and imprisoned without a trial. Four youngsters, Chrysanthos Kyriakou, Makis Papacharalampous, Andreas Kokkinos and Christos Kouloumpris were wanted by the British authorities. An elderly woman, Eftechia Zeniou, was murdered by English soldiers and monk Nectarios was also murdered by Turkish Cypriots. Generally, all the residents of the village supported that great fight one way or another.

However, the community’s contribution climaxed with the heroic sacrifice of Andreas Souroucles, who fell while fighting heroically during an ambush set at the dawn of August 1st 1958 at the location “Sameri”, near the village.

The brave young man was the son of Demetris and Christina Souroucles. He had eight other siblings and he was married to Georgia Papacharalampous, sister of wanted Makis Papacharalampous, with whom he had a young daughter named Christina. A few days after his heroic sacrifice, Georgia gave birth to their second daughter, Antroulla.

The hero cooperated with the guerrilla team of the village and maintained a hideout in his father field, as well as in his house where he offered shelter to several wanted guerrillas. Among them were sector heads Michalakis Rossides, Michalakis Parides, his brother in law Makis Papacharalampous, Chrysanthos Kyriakou and many more.

When the order for an ambush was given, the wanted guerrillas were staying in his house. They tried to find the proper place for the ambush, but it wasn’t an easy task. Finally, they chose the location with the reeds.

His fellow fighters did not want to take him with them because the hideout was in his house but he insisted. Eventually, he did go but he did not return. He was now one of the immortals.

In the attack, apart from the hero, participated Makis Papacharalampous, Georgios Vakhos, Charalampos Savva, Antonis Constantinou (the current priest of the community named Father Antonios) and Georgios N. Plarkou. Andreas was killed while the guerrillas were about to leave the area as there was a full moon and thus no adequate cover was available.

His funeral was held without permitting all of his siblings to attend. The village was under a curfew but the entire community was mentally there. After the liberation his bust was placed in the forecourt of the chapel of Agia Marina and it stands there to remind the young generations of that remarkable fight and the love for freedom.

The state, in order to honor the hero, gave his name to an army camp located in the city of Larnaka. His name was also given to a street in his birthplace, as well as to other streets in different communities.



This text has been prepared by the Community Council.