Organised parties in the Community 

Housed next to the Community Council are several organised parties which work for the progress of the Community and the upgrade of the residents’ quality of life.

Such parties are the Ecclesiastical Committee, the COOP bank (today known as Cooperative Credit Society of Solidarity), the associations “Daphne” and “Andreas Souroucles”, the Parents Associations of the Primary School and the State Kindergarten, the Elderly People’s Association, the Community Welfare Council, the Farmer and Live-stock breeders Association, the Association of Large Families, the Hunting Association, the Agios Mamas Association of Expatriates of Troulloi and the Volunteers.

These parties allow the residents of the Community to take part in various acts and share their expertise for the common good, always within their own capabilities.


This text has been prepared by the Community Council.

Cooperative Credit Society of Troulloi

On March 5th 1929 sixteen progressive fellow villagers took the important decision to found the Cooperative Credit Society “Agios Mamas of Troulloi”, which later evolved into the Coop of Troulloi.

The objective behind this bold decision was to eradicate the plague of loansharking and at the same time to create solid foundation that would lead to prosperity, progress and future development for the residents of our Community and the wider region in the following sectors:

  1. Establishment of funds which can be loaned to the members for various purposes with a rational interest rate and good payment conditions.
  2. To accept deposits by both members and non-members and to secure loans to cover the needs of the members.
  3. To develop a culture in favour of savings and mutual help.
  4. To supply the members with agricultural equipment.
  5. To acquire the necessary immovable or movable property through purchasing, leasing or donation so that the company can achieve its goals.
  6. To participate in funds or schemes which are in the best interest of the members within the line of inner societal cooperation.
  7. To invest funds in shares or other values of different forms such as financial, investment, insurance and commercial facilities or other services which are decided by the committee and approved by the
  8. To provide warranties to members and depositors after a decision is taken by the Committee. These are secured either through mortgages or blockage of deposits belonging to the interested members.
  9. To provide insurance to the members and employees of the company in case of death, accident or any other hazard, in accordance to the decisions made by the Committee.

All residents or owners of immovable property which falls within the jurisdiction of the company, meaning in the communities of Troulloi and Avdellero, can become Members of the company and the liability of every member towards the company is limitless. The registration fee used to be set at two shillings, but today the fee is set at €20.

General Assembly: The supreme power over its registered company is possessed by the members’ General Assembly, which every member has the right to attend and vote for all issues on the agenda. Every member is entitled to one vote which can only be given in person and not through a representative.

The Committee consists of five (5) members which are elected by the General Assembly of the members for a period of three (3) years. The Committee of every registered company is formed after the election of its President, who, in case of a tied vote, is entitled to a decisive winning vote. Among the Committee’s duties is to represent the company in meetings with all competent State Authorities and generally to manage the company’s affairs which have not been specifically assigned to the General Assemblies or to another official of the company based on special regulations. The Commissioners do not receive any pay.

Former Presidents of the company’s committee from the time of its establishment until it merged on September 19th 2009:

  1. Savvas Pavlou (31/03/1929 – 11/08/1957)
  2. Zenios Michael (12/08/1957 – 14/03/1975)
  3. Kyriakos Alexi (15/03/1975 – 04/07/1982)
  4. Christos Kyriakou (05/07/1982 – 19/09/2009)

The Secretary of the company acts as the executive body of the company and acts according to the instructions given by the committee. The secretary is responsible for the organization, administration, coordination and planning of the company’s business and also summons and attends all the Committee’s meetings.

The former Secretaries of the company, from the time of its establishment until it merged on September 19th 2009, are as follows:

  1. Papachalampos Spyrou (31/03/1929 – 31/12/1942)
  2. Loizos G. Hadjiloizou (01/01/1943 – 07/11/1986)
  3. Georgios M. Hadjiantoniou (18/11/1986 – 19/09/2009)

From the time of its establishment until today our company has followed an 80-year-long upward course with a varied contribution, including financial, as well as other types of support, to the members and customers of the communities of Troulloi and Avdellero while featuring a significant turnover.

United and loyal to the principles and values of the Cooperative Institution, to the principles and values which its founders had sworn to serve, we managed to preserve our anthropocentric nature against competition, always aiming at the progress and prosperity of its members.

The company has always been there to support the farmers, live-stock breeders, workers and students. Through housing loans we have helped a lot of our members to purchase their own private home. Through the supply of seeds, fertilizers and herbicides we have contributed to the development of agriculture, while we have supported medium-size businesses with low interest rate loans. After the Turkish invasion and the occupation of 75% of our land, our community was in need of immediate support by our Cooperative Credit Society.

Every year some of the profit made by the company is donated to the various organised parties of our community, its schools, kindergartens and associations. Moreover, poor people and fellow villagers suffering from diseases are also helped.

At the same time a cooperative grocery store (company branch) operated in our community and supplied the residents with fuel, agricultural products, food and other goods necessary in their everyday lives. Unfortunately, however, the opening of the big supermarkets in the area led the Committee to decide to close down the store in 1986 due to the fact that its operation was no longer viable.

Later on the company played a crucial role in the grain sector. In 1992 an open storage area with a surface of 4500 square metres, a concrete floor and a low surrounding wall was built so that the grains and carobs produced in our area would be gathered and stored.

Since 1991, our company has been housed in new private buildings which were renovated in the year 2000, while at the same time the company was computerised.

Over the past few years, after our induction to the European Union, conditions in relation to the Cooperative movement began to harshen. Europe has set new harmonisation conditions as far as establishment, operation and structure of Cooperative Credit Societies. Competition is fierce, mainly in the field of economy and the release of interest rates has made this competition even more fierce and intense.

As a result, the merging of the neighbouring Cooperative Credit Societies became a necessity. Based on the notion of joining forces to become stronger the members’ General Assembly approved the merging of our company with the COOP of Aradippou – Dromolaxia on July 22nd 2009. The newly established company began operating on September 19th 2009 under the naming Cooperative Credit Society of Solidarity, consisting of the communities of Aradippou, Dromolaxia, Meneou, Troulloi, Avdellero, Pyla and Kellia.

The Committee of the new company has nine members, including our fellow villager Mr Pampos Elenodorou, while Manager of the Troulloi – Avdellero sector is Mr Giorgos Hadjiantoniou.


This text has been prepared by the Cooperative Credit Society of Troulloi.

“Agios Mamas”Association of Expatriates of Troulloi 

Up until the middle of the 20th century, very few residents of Troulloi had migrated to other countries. Also, very few were the people who abandoned their village to settle in other communities and this only happened in cases of marriages.

However, ever since the 1960s the number of people attending Secondary Education institutions increased significantly and those people would either be employed in the public or private sector in the city. As a result, a lot of residents of Troulloi had to move near their workplace.

With the passage of time, similarly to many communities in Cyprus, urbanization increased significantly. This resulted in the increase of expatriates, mainly in the cities of Larnaka and Nicosia, while, several families and individuals moved overseas, mainly in Britain and Australia.

All this created the need to establish an association which would act as the link amongst the expatriates both between them and the community, especially concerning those who lived overseas. Therefore, in 1992 a large group of expatriates decided to found an association. The result of this effort was the establishment of the Agios Mamas Association of Expatriates of Troulloi.

Apart from the above general objective, the Association’s basic objectives are as follows:

  • To assume action for the progress and development of our community and Cyprus in general.
  • To promote mutual help and to achieve social progress for the members of the Association according to state laws.
  • To submit suggestions and to provide moral support to the authorities of Troulloi so that the problems of the Community and other issues can be promoted for solution.
  • Another objective included the establishment of a fund, the incomes of which would derive from the members’ annual subscription, donations and earnings from various events.

Any person above the age of 18 can become a member of the Association if they were born in Troulloi and reside anywhere apart from Troulloi, either in Cyprus or overseas, as well as the offspring of the above people.

The first elected president of the Board of Directors was Panayiotis Savva. Immediately after the election of the first Board of Directors, an effort to trace and record the expatriates began. This effort continued and was intensified after the election of the new Board of Directors which took place on March 26th 2006, having Georgios Andreou as president.  Today, the list includes 350 families. The aim is to register all expatriates, including those living in Cyprus and abroad, as members of the association.

Ever since it was founded, the Association has tried to participate in the various events held in our Community and has cooperated with the current Local Authorities and organised parties, while at the same time assisting them in their efforts for further progress of the Community.

From time to time dancing parties have been organised in venues in Larnaka. The new Board of Directors has decided that the dancing parties are to be held at the square of the village. In general, efforts are being made for the best possible achievement of the Association’s objectives.


This text has been prepared by the Agios Mamas Association of Expatriates of Troulloi.

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Local Large Families Committee of Troulloi 

The Local Committee for the Large Families of Troulloi was established in 1985 and has been placed under the aegis of the Pancyprian Large Families Organisation. The Committee numbers approximately 170 members, accounting for 45 % of the community’s population and is administered by an eight-member Board of Directors.

The Committee, always aiming at catering for the needs of families with many children during difficult times, has set the following objectives;

  • To improve the quality of life for the families with several children by planning, organising and effectuating schemes that promote the institution of large families.
  • To inform large families about the existing services, state and private, which could turn out to be useful to them.
  • To inform the members of large families about their rights and obligations.
  • To offer financial help to families with many children which need support.
  • To claim equal treatment of large families by the society.
  • To protect and ensure the prosperity of the children of large families.
  • To inform the families on issues regarding parent-children relationships, as well as on issues regarding family affairs and the prevention of problems torturing modern society.

The Local Large Families Committee of Troulloi organizes excursions, children’s entertaining events and participates in seminars regarding issues which concern its members.

Its most important event is the one held in honor of Mothers with Many Children which is organized every year at the beginning of May. During this event mothers with many children are awarded for their contribution to the community and the society in general.

Finally, the committee, in cooperation with the Community Council, offers voluntary assistance during events and fundraisings held at the community.


This text has been prepared by the Local Large Families Committee.

“Daphne” Athletic Club 

“Daphne Troullon” Athletic Club was founded in 1952 by Stelios G. Prokopiou (current president), Antonakis Kyriakou, Mamas Georgiou, Antonis Magglis and brothers Satsias and Hadjiantonis with the help of other fellow villagers, who showed particular interest in football at that time.

Upon its establishment, the Club’s primary objectives were as follows:

  • To cultivate and generally salvage the sports fans’ spirit within the society, as well as to help in the development of sports.
  • To morally and spiritually elevate athletes, as well as to help develop a spirit of sportsmanship and friendship among them.
  • To cultivate and promote Greek Christian ideals to its members and friends.

“Daphne Troullon” Athletic Club has been housed in an imposing private building since late July 1995, which apart from the Board of Directors’ offices and the Youth hall, it also includes an Events Hall, a Library, a Trophy Display Hall, as well as lavatories.

Today, the Athletic Club maintains the following departments:

  • Men’s and women’s football teams
  • Table tennis department
  • Shooting Department
  • Cultural Activities Department (dancing and theatrical groups, choir)

“Daphne Troullon” Athletic Club is registered in the Cyprus Sports Organisation’s records.


This text has been prepared by Daphne Athletic Club.

“A.D. SOUROUCLES TROULLON” National Athletic Club 

The club was founded in 1972 and it was named after a hero of the community who fell heroically while fighting against the British conquerors on August 1st 1958, at the location Sameri, on the outskirts of the village.

The Club’s primary objectives have been to nurture the youth with the Greek Christian ideals and to promote sports in the community. Thus, based on this goal, the club organizes a series of events such as the celebration of national memory days, artistic and cultural events, excursions, while a dancing group has also been created. Moreover, the club was one of the founding members of the Agricultural Football Association and the S.E.K Larnaka Football Association.

In 1987, despite its huge financial problems, it was decided that a private building to house the club was going to be constructed and after a lot of efforts by members, friends and supporters the building was completed. An events hall, which is used as the venue for national, cultural, artistic, social and other events, as well as a lending library and a dance hall are available in the building.

The building’s inauguration ceremony was held on March 31st 1996 and the Board of Directors at the time was formed by the following members:

President: Christos Kouloumpris

Vice President: Kyriakos Kalogirou

Secretary General: Panayiotis Evaggelou

Assistant Secretary General: Vasos Michael

Cashier: Savvas Vakhos

Assistant Cashier: Loizos Vakhos

Football Director: Michalakis Vakhos

Assistant Footbal Director: Georgios Kalogirou

Artistic Events Director: Mamas Kalogirou

Collectors: Soteris Siakos and Andreas Charalampous

Dancing Group

More: Dancing Group

The football team

The team was established in 1972 under the naming “Athletic Union of Troulloi” and it participated in the E.P.O.E.L championship. In 1974 it was renamed into “Souroucles Troullon”.

From 1972 until the year 2000 it consistently participated in the Leontiadeio Championship of Larnaka winning three titles. In the year 2000-2001 the club entered the 4th Division CFA championship and participated in it until 2009. In 2008-2009, which was a difficult year for the club, it withdrew its participation FROM the CFA championship.

In the next year, meaning in 2009-2010, the club participated in the Leontiadeio Championship of SEK and won the title of Group B’.

The Board of Director always supports the coach and footballers and is ready to assist and boost their efforts for even better results.


This text has been prepared by “A.D. SOUROUCLES TROULLON” National Athletic Club.

Dance Club

The club’s Dance Club was founded in 1986 with the aim of preserving our cultural heritage and to provide our youth with healthy occupation. Today it numbers more than 80 members aged 6 years old and above. The dance teachers are Mamas Kalogirou and Christina Evaggelou.

The club’s action is not limited in the District and on our island alone, but it has also presented traditional dances abroad, for example in Athens and Israel.

Some years ago the dance club, whose role was vital in all events, evolved into a Cultural Club named Souroucles Troullon Cultural Club. The club is managed by an independent Board, but it is under the aegis of the Athletic Club. The youth organise events which elevate national spirit and contribute to counteracting urbanisation.


This text has been prepared by the National Athletic Club A.D. Souroucles Troullon.

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